Crazyflie Heading/Yaw control in MoCap (Vicon) system

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Han Jae-won
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Crazyflie Heading/Yaw control in MoCap (Vicon) system

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I'm experimenting with Crazyflie swarming or solo flying within the Vicon system. I believe that Vicon's own axis exists when the Vicon system is calibrated and axis is set.
However, it is judged that the direction in which Crazyflie is placed on the floor is designated as its own Heading direction when conducting a flight test. The CF self-heading orientation leaves poor flight results in flight within the Vicon test environment.
So I want the Crazyflie to align with the Vicon's axis as it flies. What part of the CF Firmware can be modified so that the Crazyflie is aligned with the axis of the Vicon system rather than the axis with which the Crazyflie is placed on the floor?
Does the part related to Yaw control or Heading control exist in the CF Firmware? Which controller, if any, should be modified?
Thank you very much for your reply.
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Re: Crazyflie Heading/Yaw control in MoCap (Vicon) system

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The standard scenario when using a Crazyflie with a mocap system is to continuously push the position from the mocap system to the Crazyflie estimator. You can either push only the position or the full pose, but if you only use the position you must align the Craazyflie with the X-axis before takeoff. We don't have an example for vicon system but you can check out this part of our qualisys example ... #L220-L237 to get an idea of how it works. This is the function that pushes position or full pose to the Crazyflie estimator using the python lib.

Another option is to use Crazyswarm
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