Extending range with Crazyflie Bolt

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Extending range with Crazyflie Bolt

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I'm working with a CF Bolt and a Crazyradio PA, and I'd like my drone to be able to operate at longer ranges than the rated 1km.

Would it be possible to wire up "proper" antennas to the CF Bolt, or to increase the signal strength of the Crazyradio PA? Possibly both? The goal is to extend the range to 5km, but I of course understand if that's a bit of a pipe dream.

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Re: Extending range with Crazyflie Bolt

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Both the Bolt and CR-PA has the possibility to change the antenna. That could improve the range a bit but I think configuring the nRF51 has bigger impact. Run on low bitrate, 250K, and try to find a quiet channel.
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