VM crash while Crazyradio PA flash

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VM crash while Crazyradio PA flash

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Greetings all,

while trying to solve some connecting problems, I'll tryied to flash the Crazyradio PA.
Im using the up to date VM with the Crazyflie 2.1 and followed the readme from github.com/crazyradio-firmware.

After the steps

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make CRPA=1
python ../usbtools/launchBootloader.py
I reconnected to the "Nordic Semiconductor nrf24LU1P BOOT LDR" and my VM crashed.

Now I cannot connect the USB device to the VM, reason: device is busy with previous request. Please try again later.

Since than i've read that I should not remove the USB device. Do I replug the device or is there no hope to flash the Crazyradio PA this way?

Kind regards
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Re: VM crash while Crazyradio PA flash

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What connection problems are you having? There should be no need to reprogram the radio except in very specific cases (ie. when using Crazyswarm). So, if you use Crazyswarm you should follow their doc on a real Linux machine to reprogram the radio, otherwise tell us what problems you are having and we can try to solve them without having to touch the radio firmware.

To answer your question if you really want to flash your radio:
I am not sure what can be happening there, I have never tried to flash the radio from a VM. It seems that you manage to boot the bootloader which is good. Maybe you can try installing the WinUSB driver to the bootloader before attaching it to the VM, this can help the VM getting access to the device.

Otherwise I would advise to work natively: the python flashing scripts will work on Windows as well, you will just have to copy the 'cradio.bin' file from your VM (or compile within WSL). Or run the full process in an Ubuntu live boot on your PC.
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