2 Crazyradio

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2 Crazyradio

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Could you please help me with setting up 2 Crazyradio? Do I need to change the ID, address or channel?
How to assign the uri while flying two Crazyflies with two Crazyradios?

Thank you.


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Re: 2 Crazyradio

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The first number of the URI indicates what radio is being used. So, assuming your two Crazyflies are on channel 60 and 80 with different addresses you will be able to connect "radio://0/60/2M/E7E7E7E701" and "radio://1/80/2M/E7E7E7E702" to connect the two Crazyflie using the two radios.

A couple of notes:
- You should use different channels for the different radio. The most efficient is to use one channel per radio
- It is best to have a different address per Crazyflie. In theory Crazyflies on different channels cannot communicate, but we have seen cross-talk when channels are close enough. Setting a different address for each Crazyflies guarantees that it can never happen.
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