Multiranger deck I2C(frequency )

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Multiranger deck I2C(frequency )

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I am now using the same 4 tof sensors with arduino board to make a ranger deck. But I found the sensor data frequency is too low only 7Hz, indeed the tof sensor can be up to 30Hz. I just wonder if i2c read the address one by one and the frequency was divided. And is any solution to increase the frequency? And who know the frequency of multiranger deck of the crazyflie? I didn't find it.

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Re: Multiranger deck I2C(frequency )

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It is probably a parallelism problem. The Crazyflie is starting the reads in parallel and my guess is that the Arduino is doing it in series and that is why you get a low update rate. On the Muliranger deck the default setup is 10 times/sec for the 5 tof sensors but I'm pretty sure we have tested it with 25 times/sec as well.
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