Connection Ros with Optitrack

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Connection Ros with Optitrack

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Hello guys

I am currently working with ROS and crazyflie 2.0, but I have a problem, if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

My problem is:

Get the position and orientation of the crazyflie through the vision optitrack system, my reference is the following video

I work with ubuntu 16.04 the version of ROS that I use is kinetic, I have followed the steps shown in as is the boys in the video, but at the time of typing "roslaunch optitrack optitrack_pipeline.launch" (minute 13:07 of the video) in the terminal to get the position and orientation of a rigid body in ROS it shows me the following error(image)

The error that shows me talks about a module called "optitrack.msg" which imports 2 files called: "RigidBody" and "RigidBodyArray"
these 2 files are in a code called ""
which as main lines has the following

#! / usr / bin / env python
import rospy, os
import numpy as np
# Optitrack
import socket
import optirx as rx
from utils import get_ip_address, read_parameter
# Transformations
#import tf
import transformations as tr
from pose_converter import PoseConv
# Messages
from geometry_msgs.msg import Pose, Point, Quaternion
from optitrack.msg import RigidBody, RigidBodyArray
# import IPython
import struct as struct

class RigidBodiesPublisher (object):

(If you like to see the complete code you can find it here ... ck/scripts)

To solve the error I tried the following:

1.- Put the files "RigidBody.msg" and "RigidBodyArray.msg" in the same folder where the file that generates the error is located which is

2.- Place the files "RigidBody.msg" and "RigidBodyArray.msg" in another module

3.- The module was renamed

but none turns out, if someone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it,
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