Implementing ble mesh on CF2

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Implementing ble mesh on CF2

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I am trying to implement the nordic semi ble bcast mesh implementation here. I understand that I may need to modify the crazyflie2-nrf-firmware, but it looks like both the sdk and soft device that the CF currently uses are a version behind the dependencies for the mesh implementation. Would it be easy/ how would I go about updating them to the newest versions? Or is there another way to implement a mesh network with the current hardware on the CF2?

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Re: Implementing ble mesh on CF2

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Updating the bluetooth stack is possible but if you want to work with that you should install a debug adapter to your Crazyflie and use an SWD debugger to flash and debug your firmware. The reason is that the bootloader is using the softdevice and so updating the softdevice means losing the bootloader until it is updated.

There is a mechanism in the Crazyflie to update softdevice and bootloader over the air so if there is use for S110 V8 we can produce an OTA update package once we have an updated bootloader.

There is another way to implement mesh on CF2: implementing it by yourself. We have low level access to the radio hardware and so it is possible implement P2P and then Mesh communication using custom protocols. Though this might require much more work but might be more tailored to your need (ie. bluetooth will most likely have a quite big latency compare to a custom implementation for example which might be a probem).
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