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ranging data

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I found some posts about peer-to-peer communication between Crazyflies but there were no exact explanation. I want to use other drone's real-time information.

I can get ranging data from loco positioning node to drone with positioning deck(DWM1000).
I wonder that if it would be possible to get ranging data between drone and drone modifying python code. Actually I think it can't be possible... Then do i need to modify firmware code? And is it possible that each drone exchange data in real-time?

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Re: ranging data

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The Crazyflie hardware is able to to peer-to-peer communication but the firmware needs to be modified to allow it. The python code only runs on the computer so it will not help for direct communication.

I see two way to achieve the data exchange functionality:
- Make a python script that relays the data, that way the radio firmware of the Crazyflie does not have to be modified. You still need to add some code in the crazyflie-firmware to use the data.
- Add packet send to the crazyflie2-nrf-firmware radio driver, main loop and syslink communication. Add the new syslink packet to the crazyflie-firmware project and use it.

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