pitch, roll and yaw with ZMQ

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pitch, roll and yaw with ZMQ

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I need to receive pitch, roll, yaw, and thrust from crazyflie client to LabView
I've already seen examples of using zmq, but, as far as I have no experience in python, it is confusing

Could someone show me a small piece of code on how to send something ( pitch, roll, or yaw) with zmq?

Will be very appreciated
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Re: pitch, roll and yaw with ZMQ

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There is a zmq version of the cfclient (which is installed with these instructions: https://www.bitcraze.io/documentation/r ... om_source/). Here are instructions how to set ports and such in zmq for that implementation: https://www.bitcraze.io/documentation/r ... lient_zmq/

I don't have experience with zmq myself, so I hope those instructions will get you a bit further. If not, let us know!
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