Outer controller

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Outer controller

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Dear all,
I would like to do controllers in my PC for the Crazyflie 2.0 by Python using the API cflib with a Crazyradio PA.

To read the sensors information (pitch, roll, yaw, pitch_rate, roll_rate, yaw_rate, z_range) I think that I can use the Logging functionality. Then in the same script, I can implement the controller. Then, send the control signals to the motors of the crazyflie via commands like scf.cf.param.set_value('motorPowerSet.m1',value).

The Logging gets information from the Crazyflie 2.0 every 10 ms, it means that the controller can have a maximum frequency of 100Hz. The main question at this point is, ¿is it possible control the Crazyflie with a frequency of 100 Hz? or ¿is it necesary to have a minimum frequency of 250 Hz o 500 Hz like in the controllers that has the drone?

¿Anybody knows any experency similar that I want to do?

Thank you so much for your help

BR, Rafael Socas
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Re: Outer controller

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Hi Rafael,

It depends on what you would like to do. Running the rate and attitude controller will be difficult on the PC side. It is possible though as I've seen it done but then a lot of the firmware was rewritten to get minimum round trip latency. Running velocity and position controllers is fully doable on the PC side though.
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