Release of the TDoA mode

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Release of the TDoA mode

Post by arnaud » Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:18 pm

We have just released all software and documentation for the TDoA mode. This means that you can now run the TDoA mode from the stable released firmware and software. The new release is called 2018.01.

A short list of the new functionality:
- TDoA2 becomes TDoA, it is implemented as an anchor mode in anchors and tag mode in the Crazyflie
- There is no TDoA tag mode in the LPS node, the binary sniffer mode can be used to receive all information needed to calculate TDoAs.
- The crazyflie firmware now detects the LPS mode, TWR or TDoA, at startup. No need to recompile with a specific mode anymore.
- The node firmware can change anchor mode with over-the-air commands
- The client is capable to set anchor position and switch the system mode (

When using 8 anchors to have a spacious anchor convex hull, the performance in TDoA mode is good, we have not observed a big difference with the TWR mode.

The system mode can be changed without restarting the Crazyflie, I have even experimented with switching mode while flying in position hold in the client, It works :-).

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