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How to communicate with the crazyflie using developed android app

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 6:34 pm
by aafdalal

I am working on a project, currently, trying to set the architecture of the communication links.
In general, I have to process the images acquired from the AI-deck and according to the result, an android app will trigger a notification for the user.

So my question is how can I transfer the data between them?
DRONE <------> APP

Another thing, is it better to send the data to a laptop that works as a cloud for processing the data and then send the results to the app?
DRONE <------> CLOUD <--------> APP

I tried to read about crazyradio but really got confused about what is better for the project, please give me advice if you have any better than mine.

Re: How to communicate with the crazyflie using developed android app

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 10:05 am
by arnaud

If you have the AIdeck and want images, the best is to use wifi to communicate the images. The Crazyradio bandwidth is not so high.

The AI-deck can be setup both as an access point or connected to your wifi network (see doc there: ... redentials). Both way will work to establish an IP connectivity between the android phone and the AI-Deck

The exact connection architecture depends of your needs. Both processing data in the "cloud" or in the app are possible. If you setup the AI-deck as an access point, the processing will likely be done in the android app though.

If you are later interested in controlling the Crazyflie from the same app, note that there is currently no way to control the Crazyflie from the AI-Deck wifi connection. This is purely a software limitation: There is a bidirectional connection between the AI-deck and the Crazyflie so controlling the Crazyflie from the AI-deck wifi is technically possible. Without further development in the AI-deck, you need to use either Bluetooth low energy or the Crazyradio to control the Crazyflie from and android app. We have an open-source android app that already implement the control part and that you could use as a base (