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Flow deck parameter question

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:08 pm
by bobby183
Hi everyone,

I am currently learning about Kalman Filters and studying how data is fused together from multiple sensors to obtain state estimations. I have been studying the flow deck and how the data obtained from it is used in the EKF to obtain an estimation of the drone's velocity. I have read the masters thesis paper by Marcus Greiff as well as the code for implementation of his equations inside the EKF in Crazyflie. What struck me as odd was that during my testing I saw very different results from the Crazyflie code vs my own implementation of the equations. Upon further investigation I noticed that the value for the field of view of the camera inside of Crazyflie is only 4.2 degrees ( ... ore.c#L472), however according to the datasheet ( ... public.pdf) the viewing angle is 42 not 4.2 degrees? I'm not sure why the discrepancy. If someone could explain this for me I would be very grateful. Thank you!