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Victor propeller and motor test program

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:34 pm
by estrategico
In a recent post on the blog Victor wrote about a program to test the propeller and motors, we found the script very useful but hard to implement, is there any documentation?

We install tkinter and run it under the cfclient directory and terminal.
It opens the interface but reports an error.
Any advice?

Re: Victor propeller and motor test program

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:12 am
by arnaud
Can you please tell us about the reported error?

So far, the only documentation for this script is what you can find in the github repos:

A note though: this script has nothing to do with the cfclient, it is an independent script that uses cflib (its actually a good example of what can be achieved by using the Crazyflie python API). So it should not be required to launch it from the cfclient directory.