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self-test pass, but cfclient don't get enough infomation and data?

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 3:44 pm
by justinleeyang

I testing 8 anchors and 1 crazyflie2.0, after the crazyflie2.0 connnect to cfclient, some infomation don't print, only printf the following info:

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9.02) CLEAN
SYS: I am 0x203536564E4B500F003E0031 and I have 1024KB of flash!


OW: Cmd 0x20 timeout.
asured: -15.24
AK8963: Self test [OK].
DECK_CORE: Deck 0 test [OK].
then don't more infomation, so maybe the nrf51822 fail or RFX2401C issue?