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High Level Commander and Mellinger Controller

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:54 pm
by aybarskizilay
Hello everyone,

My CF2 is flying with Flow Deck + LOCO system in TDoA mode and result is pretty nice. I am using commander script

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send_position_setpoint(self, x, y, z, yaw)
and send 3D position set points. However, I am curious about the High Level Commander and Mellinger Controller. But I have several questions:
  • Do they give better result regarding the position accuracy ? LPS gives +-10cm.
  • Can I use high level commander and Mellinger Controller with LPS? Because I need to get real-time position data
  • How to fill the trajectory list ? I mean which one is x-position, y-position etc?
  • Can I use Mellinger controller with normal commander?
And last one, when we send a position setpoints with commander, each position setpoints are sent to CF2 for certain time, for example 5 seconds, so it actually doesn't fly smoothly. For example, let's say flight path is A-B-C. So CF2 flies to A, wait there certain time, until next position setpoint is sent to CF2. Does High Level Commander give smooth flight?

Thanks for the help