LH Sample Frequency

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LH Sample Frequency

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According to the paper (https://arxiv.org/abs/2104.11523), the sampling frequency for LH2 has a huge standard deviation which is about 18. While the LH1's sample frequency is about 30 ± 2.4.
My question is why we should select LH2 while the LH1 offers better sample frequency?
Also, the paper doesn't mention the sample frequency for EKF method. Is there anyone here to share his/her experience regarding this?
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Re: LH Sample Frequency

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As noted in the paper, we believe the large deviation is more due to inadequate post-processing rather that a property of the system. Overall though, LH1 has 2 base-stations strongly synchronized while LH2 uses synchronized base-station, this means that LH1 will always give more predictable measurements while LH2 will always have to deal with cross-base-stations interference. However LH2 is much more flexible as it allows for more than 2 base-stations and has a higher sample rate of about 50Hz Vs. the interlaced 60Hz (30Hz effective) sample rate of LH1.

The EFK in the Crazyflie has a sampling frequency of 100Hz.
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