AI Deck Flashing Issues

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Re: AI Deck Flashing Issues

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I have now also tried running native in Ubuntu 18.04 and am able to build the docker and run the examples and connect to the local network of the Crazyflie, but the exact same thing is happening where when running any example that involves a wifi connection it hangs. I do not know what to do at this point, could there be something wrong with the NINA ESP32 module? has anyone experienced this? I am following the documentation for running in docker verbatim, and the same outputs are produced just as I posted in the images before.
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Re: AI Deck Flashing Issues

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There is always the possibility of some HW issue but it could also be Wifi access related. Do you have a firewall or similar that could be interfering?
Could you try running the test_camera example to rule out any problems with the camera?
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