Position control in new firmware release

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Position control in new firmware release

Post by saihaneeshallu » Mon Oct 14, 2019 5:16 pm

Hi i'm currently using crazyflie 2.0 and implemented xyzPID position controller externally in ROS using crazyflie_ros stack (https://github.com/whoenig/crazyflie_ros.git). After implementing the position controller it was running fine some times and sometimes not ( it just roams around and then crashes). i flashed the new firmware from the latest release 2019.09 . But the situation became even worse . so i referred to the source files and then found out that there is an in buit xya PID position and xyz PID velocity controllers. could someone suggest me which version of firmware to be used if i were to implement position controller externally

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Re: Position control in new firmware release

Post by arnaud » Mon Oct 14, 2019 6:28 pm

The internal position PID controller is not activated unless you send position setpoint, so if you are just sending attitude setpoint it should not affect you.

You problem might be somewhere else. I cannot think of anything a new FW version could modify for such use-case. The only thing I could think about is to check the radio communication: the Crazyradio dongle LEDs should be mostly green when connected to a Crazyflie. If it is not the case there might be interference and changing the radio channel can help. It is also important to be on 2Mbit/s datarate.

About the radio, it help disabling bluetooth as bluetooth 'steals' the radio at regular interval when it is enabled. This can be done by recompiling the crazyflie2-nrf-firmware project with BLE=0 and then flashing it using the bootloader:

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cd crazflie2-nrf-firmware
make BLE=0
make cload BLE=0

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