Tuning the big quad

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Tuning the big quad

Post by thevoltmaster » Tue Jul 16, 2019 2:06 am

So i''ve built a big quad that is able to take off but shakes violently as it gets sent a set point. (Right now I'm sending positions to the drone using OSC via La Mouche Folle, and Im not actually sure which controller its using) I assume I need to do some PID tuning but what I do not understand is how the PID Controller and the Mellinger controller interact.

I found this useful guide for how to tune PID's here,
but it's from 2013. Is this still the best way to tune a big quad, or do I also have to somehow tune the Mellinger Controller? If I tune the Mellinger Controller, do I even need to touch the PID controller?

How do I know which controller the CF is using at any given moment? Is there a way to log that?


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Re: Tuning the big quad

Post by tobias » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:53 am

The PID and Mellinger are different controllers and needs different tuning. The tuning guide for the PID still works and you should be able to use that. The Mellinger controller is a different topic and I have actually never tuned it. Maybe @wolfgang could help us out.

In the cfclient console window you can check what controller is used and also the parameter stabilizer.controller you can check and change.

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