Development Environment on Linux

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Development Environment on Linux

Post by tango »

Hello everyone,

I recently got a crazyflie to mess around with the firmware. Most of my work so far has been theoretical and I have little to no knowledge of embedded programming. I tried installing the VM but after a ton of failed trials (mostly to do with VirtualBox failing to detect Crazyradio) I gave up and decided to setup a development environment in my Ubuntu 16.04. I basically want to install all required tools that are provided in the virtual box in my OS and am trying to list them out. I've installed the following so far:

1) The python Client and cf-lib
2) KiCad (planning to work on some extension decks)
3) ROS Kinetic (planning to build upon wolfgang's package)
4) CrazyS (for SITL in Gazebo)
5) Eclipse

I know I've missed every tool required for compiling and building the firmware. It'll be really helpful if someone can list all other tools (and tool-chains) required for firmware development in Ubuntu 16.04. Thanks in advance guys!
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Re: Development Environment on Linux

Post by arnaud »

The only thing you are missing for the firmware is GCC. We use the GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain from ARM: ... ain/gnu-rm. It can be downloaded as a .tar.gz, decompress it somewhere and add the bin folder to your path. When that is done you will be able to compile the firmwares.

A simpler way is to install it from the PPA as documented in the crazyflie-firmware repos but I have not tested that lately so I am not sure how well it is working: ... bianubuntu
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