CF2 is deflected. No hover.

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CF2 is deflected. No hover.

Post by yello » Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:48 am

crazyflie 2.0 I use after purchasing.
But I was having trouble hovering.

When crazyflie is flying, it is flying in a certain direction.
Initialization was also on the flat bottom, but the same symptoms.
I have tried adjusting the roll pitch with trim, but only when it is the first time it is affected, and after that the symptoms are the same.
I'll show you the direction of the photo.

By default, the IMU sensor does not seem to be calibrating properly.
So crazyflie is not even a basic hover.
The battery is balanced and the propeller is no longer balanced.
I am so frustrated that I post to the forum.
It is the first fligt data.

Please help me.

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