Paid drone assembly

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Paid drone assembly

Post by andrey.welsh » Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:16 pm


I'm looking for a drone hardware store with some knowledgeable and handy technical people that will assemble a Betaflight drone from the parts that they sell. I will then need to be able to write a program that will control flight of the drone, and do some things in the air (be able to issue commands like "fly up 10 feet", "fly north (south, east, west) 5 feet", "land".) This has to be a ~4" drone without camera. I have to be able to control it from the ground using UWB radio (not GPS). The drone might need to have an LED light attached to it, and possibly being able to turn on/off from the ground.

This project will potentially lead into purchase of hardware that will be used to assemble such drones, if we will be satisfied with the results. Please note that Flight Controller has to be F3 or F4 compatible, and it should be possible to flash latest Betaflight software to it.

We are looking for a partnership to accomplish this task. Drone assembly will be paid as well as all necessary parts.

Please, we are looking for someone who already has experience with Betaflight software.

Get in touch with me for the details, if you're interested. Please do not write me if you don't work or related to a store that sells drone parts!

My e-mail:


It's NOT necessary to just support UWB. For example, Wi-Fi is also good, other protocols are acceptible. MAYBE we can utilize another FC software, depending if Betaflight supports auto-pilot modes (getting controlled from the ground is also one of the important issues.)

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Re: Paid drone assembly

Post by tobias » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:31 am

This is something you could do with an CF2, the loco positioning system and a led-ring. However betaflight will not work using those things.

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