orginal PA dongle firmware with USB bootloader

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orginal PA dongle firmware with USB bootloader

Post by jimmy_craze » Tue Jul 17, 2018 2:04 pm

Hi, I accidentally erased the NRF24LU1+ chip on my pa dongle with this script ( ) provided in crazyradio wiki and now my chip have no bootloader in it :cry:
The script is meant to write a firmware which contains bootloader to the chip because it will first erase everything in that chip, but official crazyradio PA firmware I downloaded from github doesn't seem to have contained a bootloader.

I tried to flash official Nordic NRF24LU1+ bootloader using the script above, but it always crashed at address 7faa so I'm really stucked here.
Could any one kindly provide me with off-the-shelf crazyradio PA firmware which has the bootloader so I can rescue my dongle? :?

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