Crazyswarm simulation firmware

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Crazyswarm simulation firmware

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Hi I have a question regarding crazyswarm. I installed crazyswarm on linux for simulation only, which works totally fine.

I wish to change the firmware (controller.c stabilizer.c etc) and simulate how my own implemted controller would work. To see if I can simulate the changes in firmware I set the powerdistributions to 0 and ran the --sim script hoping the drone wouldn't move at all, but it did. So it seems like I was not succesful in changing the firmware and simulating the effect.

Probably I am missing some steps, any idea's? Is this even possible what I am trying to do?
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Re: Crazyswarm simulation firmware

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Hi! I noticed you asked the same question on the crazyswarm discussion page so let's discuss further there: ... ssions/639
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