Lighthouse perfromance at high altitudes

Topics related to the Lighthouse positioning system, configuration and use
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Lighthouse perfromance at high altitudes

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In my application, the drone should fly up to 2m. I want to make sure that the performance of positioning and flight is the same at all altitudes from 0cm to 200cm. I appreciate it if you could share your experience working with the lighthouse in this case. FYI, the base station will be installed at an altitude of 2.5m.
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Re: Lighthouse perfromance at high altitudes

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The thing to keep in mind is that the sensors must be able to receive the light sweeps from the base stations. Since the sensors are mounted on the top of the deck the base stations must be above the deck and not at a too shallow angle in relation to the deck. Giving you any exact numbers is very hard and it depends on where the base stations are located, close to the center or close to the edges of the flight space. Also remember that the Crazyflie tilts when moving and if you go away from a base station it will also be a bit worse, while going towards the base station is better.
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