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Forum rules - read this before posting

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Welcome to the Bitcraze forum!

This is the right place to come if you are having any issues that you need help to solve, questions or just want to discuss something related to the Bitcraze ecosystem. These issues may be software/firmware/mechanical/hardware related or any mix of these. To make it a bit easier for everyone to see which issues are solved and which still needs attention, there's a few guidelines to follow:

1) Only one issue per thread: Start a new thread for each new issue, even if you happen to have multiple issues at the moment. If you think that the issues are related then you can keep them in the same thread.
2) Don't bring up new issues in existing threads: Unless you are experiencing exactly the same issue in the same circumstatnces as already posted in a thread, start a new one.
3) Avoid duplicates: Use the search function and have a look at some of the subjects already in the forum. You questions might already have been answered.
4) Check the documentation first: First checkout out the tutorials or the documentation. You can also use the search engine on
5) Post in the right group: Look in the description of the forum group and start your threads in the one that fits your topic the most.
6) Use a descriptive title for your thread: This is connected to (3). Good titles makes it easier for everyone to find information.
7) You may change the thread title to include [SOLVED] or [NOT SOLVABLE]: When you are happy with the support and the issue has been fixed then please rename the thread to include the prefix [SOLVED]. If it's an issue that can't or won't be solved then include the prefix [NOT SOLVABLE].
8) Report bugs: If you know you have found a bug it's better to report it as an issue in the appropriate repo on
9) Do not change the history: Don't edit old post and change the history, it makes it difficult to understand the conversation. If you want to add information to your post, add edited: and add your extra information underneath.
10) No sales: This forum is for support only and is not a market place. Trying to resell your Bitcraze product is tolerated, however we don't think that the forum is the best place for it though.
11) Be nice!

Anything missing or unclear? Give us feedback :-)

/The team at Bitcraze
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