Serious issue

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Serious issue

Post by RyanMco »

We're trying to run VINS-MONO, a SLAM algorithm, using the Crazyflie..
Did you have any experience with SLAM implementations on the Crazyflie? Can you suggest how to maintain synchronization between the drone's imu and a camera attached to it? I'm not succeeding to hover my crazyflie on specific height by using SLAM DATA (Z COORDINATION) and not using FLOWDECK , how can I do that? I want to send the data of slam to the crazyflie chip to take the z height from slam data and now from flowdeck ..

any help?!
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Re: Serious issue

Post by arnaud »

For synchronization it is going to be very specific to your exact hardware implementation and your algorithm needs so it is likely going to be custom development on your part. For instance when using an analog cameras, one possible trick I have heard of is to use the audio channel to transfer IMU synchronization.

As for transmitting position measurements to the Crazyflie, lets continue the discussion in your other thread: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3939&p=18054#p18054.
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