Docker Container for Development

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Docker Container for Development

Post by tango »

Hello Team, I was wondering if you could setup a container rather than pushing a VM for development. It'll be easier to deploy and inherently cross-platform. I recently started using docker and there could be things that are stopping you from doing this, but I thought I'd ask you anyway! Thanks!
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Re: Docker Container for Development

Post by arnaud »

We already have a docker builder image that we use in CI to build all the projects, so this image will work on all project that are tested in CI (basically everything except the lighthouse deck FPGA image, I still need to add it).

The entry-point is a tool called toolbelt that orchestrate launching docker for building, you can find more explanation and the doc for it on the wiki: ... mage:index.

As far as I know the toolbelt/docker builder works fine on Linux and Mac, Windows should work as well but it is not actively tested.
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