Crazyflie Client does not start

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Re: Crazyflie Client does not start

Post by Newk » Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:24 am

awesome! this sure will open up some interesting tinkering and can save us loads of time figuring out what thrust-level equals which frequency.
Loads of fun incoming :twisted:
thank you for pointing at the code

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Re: Crazyflie Client does not start

Post by binx » Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:47 am

Newk wrote:ok, just had to make it current directory:

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newk@A7U:~/crazyflie2-install/crazyflie-clients-python$ cd bin
newk@A7U:~/crazyflie2-install/crazyflie-clients-python/bin$ dir
cfclient  cfheadless  cfloader	cfzmq
newk@A7U:~/crazyflie2-install/crazyflie-clients-python/bin$ ./cfclient
but now it seems i missed something when i installed it..

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newk@A7U:~/crazyflie2-install/crazyflie-clients-python/bin$ ./cfclient
INFO:cfclient.gui:Disabling STL printouts
INFO:cfclient.utils.input.inputreaders:Input readers: ['linuxjsdev', 'pysdl2']
INFO:cfclient.utils.input.inputreaders:Successfully initialized [linuxjsdev]
INFO:cfclient.utils.input.inputreaders:Could not initialize [pysdl2]: No SDL2 support on Linux
INFO:cfclient.utils.input.inputinterfaces:Found interfaces: ['leapmotion', 'wiimote', 'zmqpull']
INFO:cfclient.utils.input.inputinterfaces:Could not initialize [leapmotion]: Leap Motion library probably not installed (No module named 'leapsdk')
INFO:cfclient.utils.input.inputinterfaces:Could not initialize [wiimote]: Missing cwiid (wiimote) driver No module named 'cwiid'
INFO:cfclient.utils.config:Dist config read from /home/newk/crazyflie2-install/crazyflie-clients-python/src/cfclient/configs/config.json
INFO:cfclient.utils.input.inputinterfaces:Could not initialize [zmqpull]: ZMQ input disabled in config file
INFO:cfclient.utils.zmq_param:Biding ZMQ for parameters at tcp://*:1213
INFO:cfclient.utils.zmq_led_driver:Biding ZMQ for LED driverat tcp://*:1214
INFO:cfclient.utils.input:Using device blacklist [(VirtualBox|VMware)]
INFO:cflib.crtp.radiodriver:v0.53 dongle with serial N/A found
INFO:cfclient.utils.input:Selected MUX: Normal
INFO:cfclient.ui.main:Role of Microsoft X-Box 360 pad is Device
INFO:cfclient.utils.input.mux:Adding device Microsoft X-Box 360 pad to MUX Normal
INFO:cfclient.ui.main:Select first device
INFO:cflib.drivers.cfusb:Looking for devices....
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
the segmentation fault happens when i click the window border

after i read it's missing pysdl2
i searched in repositories of ubuntu 16.04 and only found pysdl2-doc

but i then found python-sdl2 and python3-sdl2
i installed both of them just to make sure

but it didn't change cfclient not finding pysdl2
do i need to rebuild/reinstall it?

Hi Newk, I found a same problem as you have encountered, that is No module named 'cfclient'. How did you solve this problem?

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