GPS (uBlox MAX-7) no fix

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GPS (uBlox MAX-7) no fix

Post by epibrator » Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:00 pm

I have purchased the uBlox MAX-7 GPS module and am trying to get the PC client's GPS tab to work. Unfortunately, no matter how long I wait, the PC client keeps saying 'No fix'. What I did:

- get the latest version of the PC client
- solder the GPS module to the Crazyflie
- download the firmware from the gps_ublox_dev branch
- adjust the Makefile such that DUBX_DECODE is defined
- build the firmware by executing the 'make' command without any arguments
- put the new firmware on the Crazyflie (open bootloader in PC client, initiate cold boot, select firmware .bin file, hit 'program', restart in firmware mode)

Is there any way to determine whether or not this is a hardware problem?

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