**HOT** ANDROID Controller/Groundstation

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**HOT** ANDROID Controller/Groundstation

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The picture of the TX and android phone interface was very exciting to see.

so now I know it's possible to use the Crazyradio with android via a OTG USB cable. VERY COOL !!

I suppose the next step would be to get further along on the Android APP and design it so the phone/tablet can also serve as the ground station for live telemetry while flying. For the phone, it would be difficult to see the telemetry with your hands on the virtual gimbals, so it could be done similar to how the AR Drone works, have the APP be able to set between touch control or accelerometer control ( tilt controls) it works great on the AR Drone after a little practice. Having the APP be flexible enough would allow many options, Using my Nexus-10 tablet I could have gimbals on the screen and have more than enough room for a live telemetry display as well as be able to record all the telemetry for a flight session into a file that can be accessed and analysed from the same Android APP.

I will admit that I was not fond of the idea of needing a laptop or Raspberry Pi to run this, but now I see the light and the possibilities. Just need some savvy android developers to work on this.

I'm very excited about April 25th !!

David Cook
Superluminal carbon fiber flying robots.
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