PROBLEM: Crazyflie Client on OS X Mavericks

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PROBLEM: Crazyflie Client on OS X Mavericks

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I've been using the Crazyflie Client with GUI until the update of OSX Mavericks, there were some problems with Mac Ports and qt4-mac but those seem solved now I installed everything as described on bitbucket ( for py27-pygame I had to use py27-game) but now when I want to start the client python says pygame is not installed. Does anybody have the same problem or a workaround?
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Re: PROBLEM: Crazyflie Client on OS X Mavericks

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Mavericks works fine for me on my Mac (had the Client installed and then updated from Mountain Lion to Mavericks).

Recommend using the Homebrew instructions instead of MacPorts. I could never get the MacPorts install method to work, so I downloaded/installed the full version of Xcode per the instructions and used homebrew.

The latest version of the install page cut off a lot of helpful information for Mac install. Use this older version: ... 1376354911

Hope this helps.
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