ESB protocol - Disable Retries

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ESB protocol - Disable Retries

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I'm trying to disable automatic retries within the esb protocol so that lost packages are dropped. However I can't seem to figure out what to change in the crazyflie 2 nrf firmware to achieve that. Any tips? Thanks!
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Re: ESB protocol - Disable Retries

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The Crazyflie 2 NRF firmware does not implement any retries, it only answer received packets. Assuming you are using Crazyradio (PA) to communicate with your Crazyflie, the retry is implemented by the Crazyradio.

If you are using the Crazyflie python lib, you can set the retry count as a global settings: ... You should call "cflib.crtp.radiodriver.set_retries(0)" before connecting any Crazyflies.

If you are not using the python lib, the setting in the Crazyradio is called ARC (ack retry count) and needs to be set to 0 to set it to no retry.
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