SImple Flight mode

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SImple Flight mode

Post by pccollins » ... sp=sharing

Hi all,

Those with 10DOF might like to try this client mod,


1) Go to ... Tools -> Compass Toolbox,
2) Connect 10DOF crazyflie, with magnetometer logging enabled firmware
3) Click 'Calibrate' button and rotate crazyflie around all its axis during the countdown, do this away from any magnetic fields !
4) Check calibration by placing crazyflie down and rotating through 90 degrees, client compass rotation should match 90 degrees, if not rinse and repeat step 3.
5) Orient crazyflie so that M1 if facing in the direction of the controllers intended 'forwards' direction
6) Click 'Current' button on 'Intelligent Orientation' Flight mode panel
7) Activate 'Intelligent Orientation' checkbox
8) Fly around ensuring the controller remains in the same orientation,
9) Smile smugly at the ease with which you can pull of some new crazy curves

For the firmware im using

Im really not sure it will work fror everyone, its a total hack job, I have really no idea about any of it, but its working for me and I have 2 cfs for testing and its working on both so its worth sharing cause it is a great fun new way to flie.

Thanks to ak1394 code and some arducopter code!

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Re: SImple Flight mode

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Nicely done! I will put it on my list of things to try!

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