Program Crazyflie nRF chip without JTAG debugger

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Tengfei Chang
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Program Crazyflie nRF chip without JTAG debugger

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Dear all,

By reviewing the documentation, the CrazyRadio can be used to program both the STM32 and nRF51 chips on Crazyflie.

I followed the tutorial and documentation, it seems only programming STM32 chip is explained.
I wonder how the part of programming nRF51 chip works?

The "make flash" provided in the documentation says it's need to use JTAG debugger, but the connector is not mounted.

Could you confirm it's possible to program the nRF51 chip through CrazyRadio, and provide some documentation such as link for it?

Tengfei Chang
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Re: Program Crazyflie nRF chip without JTAG debugger

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You are right. The readme in does not contain the possibility of make cload. But it is possible for the firmware of the NRF to do make cload as well. You don't need the jtag debugger for this.

So in the same folder of the crazyflie2-nrf-firmware you do:

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make clean
make all
*put crazyflie in bootloader mode*
make cload
We will update the readme to contain this information as well.
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