flushing CrazyFlie onto Arduino Nano

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flushing CrazyFlie onto Arduino Nano

Post by pacificblue13 » Thu Mar 05, 2020 5:23 am

hey all,

im new to this, doing personal research on the topic right now. looked at
some firmwares and came across this one by accident.
what appealed to me was: over the radio update and wireless charging -
because thats exactly what i was thinking was needed for every drone (wires
and plugs dont make sense for an arial object).

is it possible to flush Crazyflie onto Arduino Nano and use Arduino Nano as
a Flight Controller?
has this been attemted?
what will the difficulty be?

as far as i can see, Crazyflie uses ARM, so as Arduino.
if i put 3 x Arduino Nano together as Master -> Slave+Slave, i will have 3
x ARMs, 3 x Bootloaders and all the sensors that are on those boards for
total weight of approx. 15g, which is 5 - 3 times heavier, but for a 250mm
drone i think that it is acceptable

with all the processing power, will be possible to do parralell processing
with Crazyflie which is important for a Real-Time System.

so let me know, whats what and how.


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Re: flushing CrazyFlie onto Arduino Nano

Post by tobias » Thu Mar 05, 2020 9:33 am

Hi and welcome to the forum!

The Crazyflie firmware has become very tailored to the crazyflie hardware and even though it would be theoretically possible to make it run on a Arduino Nano it would not be worth the work. There are already flight software that run on Arduino so I suggest you start from one of them instead.

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