Error while "make all"

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Error while "make all"

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Hello everybody,

As part of a lesson at my university in Belgium, we have to work on the crazyflie in order to create an autonomous flight by ourself. We are totally new in electronics and programmation. We use a VirtualBox to work on the drone.

Unfortunately, me and my group have a lot of difficulties to achieve this goal. One of our problem is that when we "make all" an error message appears (see the photo).

We can't find the solution to this problem which is maybe easy but we can't find why there is this error because we have never touched at this file.

If someone could help us for this problem and maybe more in order to help us to pass our exam about Crazyflie ! :D

Thank you all !

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Re: Error while "make all"

Post by arnaud »


I do not recognize this error.

The first things to check is that you have a clean updated source tree. You can do so running the following commands:

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make clean
make mrproper
git pull
git checkout master
git submodule update --init
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Re: Error while "make all"

Post by kimberly »

Hi @ncotman

Did this resolve your problem?
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