Fly through a inclined narrow gap

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Fly through a inclined narrow gap

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Hi guys,
I'm working on a project that make the crazyflie fly through a inclined narrow gap(for example, 30 degrees roll angle), I successfully made the quadrotor track the trajectory and fly through the gap, but it seems that the crazyflie failed to recover from a certain roll anglem after the traverse flight, the crazyflie just fell down and re-initialized.

I'm using optitrack and crazyswarm, the controller I used is mellinger controller.

Does someone have some experience or information about ?

Think you all!
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Re: Fly through a inclined narrow gap

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You might hit saturation limits of the motors, which can cause a crash. The maximum roll/pitch angles I ever achieved with standard motors are about 35 degrees.

To debug, I suggest using the uSD deck and logging important variables (in this case, the motor pwm's for example). You can use the same technique to check if the controller is actually tracking the desired trajectory well.
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