Motor mount stiffness

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Motor mount stiffness

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Hi all,

Has someone (bitcraze team or someone with a 3d printer) has tried using different materials for the motor mounts ? I found the actual one rather flexible, and by experience with an homemade quadcopter it is a critical point, the harder the better. More power, increased response for the engines, you name it. Since the CF is very light, maybe it is not relevant.
Feel free to share if you have some experience ;)

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Re: Motor mount stiffness

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Yeah, we have tried a few different materials that are stiffer than the one we currently have. The main reason for using the soft PP is that it dampens the impact when crashing and that it's easier to press-fit the part onto the PCB and around the motor.

The first motor mounts we used were 3D printed by Shapeways (blog post) and very stiff. Then for the first prototypes of the injection molded motor mounts we used PC plastic (that is stiffer than PP). Finally we went with the softer PP plastic. We get the feeling that it makes the Crazyflie slightly more sluggish, but on the other hand we think that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

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