Monitoring Flie Resource Usage (in real time?)

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Monitoring Flie Resource Usage (in real time?)

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Hey everyone,

Is it somehow possible to monitor the resource usage of the flie in (semi) real time? Eg knowing that im using 98% of the computing power of the flie would be useful information.
Are there ways to profile code segments?

Ive never worked on hardware like this before! Any tips would help :)


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Re: Monitoring Flie Resource Usage (in real time?)

Post by tobias »

It is possible and would be really great to have. There are several ways to do it and I think the easiest is to just measure the idle task time. Then one would know roughly how much free resources there are. It could also be made even fancier and one could measure every task. There is a initial implementation of this in freeRTOSDEbug.c which transfer task timer data (trace data) over the uart, similar to this. Instead of sending it over uart the function could calculate runtime statistics and then log it wirelessly instead using the logging functionality.

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