crazyflie collision avoidance milestone

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crazyflie collision avoidance milestone

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Hi everybody,for the last two month I have developed a program flying crazyswarm using cflib while enable collision avoidance function.You can see the demo in ...
There are still things to perfect it.
1. Since all the computation is done on pc and use PA to tell cf where to go, when more cf are added in,they won't respond efficiently. Is there any way to solve this ? Maybe moving some computation onborad,but where to exactly?
2. We currently use artificial field to solve the collision problem,and use LPS(TDOA3) to get the position of cfs with LogConfig. The thing is that when I set the period less than 300ms,cfs won't takeoff,so we can only fly in low speed.How can I improve this.
3.We enable the trajectory of circle by produce the points and use hl_commander's go_to(),as you did in bitcrazeLogo demo,but it's pretty inefficient to go point by point,Is there any better way?

Welcome any suggestion or question.:)

ps: my teammates are working on how to let cfs communicate to measure their distances in a swarm. We have read in a paper that using token ring to do so.Do any of you have a copy of their code,thanks
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