How should I setup my development environment (repositories)

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How should I setup my development environment (repositories)

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Hi all,

I'm interested in working with the code for the crazyflie with no particular goal. Although I have ample experience with different programming languages, setting up a proper development environment is a bit unclear.

What I'd like is to have the crazyflie repositories (pc client and firmware) which I can easily keep up to date with the ones on Bitbucket but also be able to import work done by others (for example the hovering code by Phiamo).

Should I make a fork of the official Bitbucket repo(s)? And if yes, can I for instance fork/clone changes from someone else as a branch or does this require a new clone that lives next to the official one? I don't think that I will need to make pull requests in the official repository since it will be mostly be hacking a bit to get experienced with the onboard electronics and processing available data etc.

For me it doesn't really matter on what platform I'm on since I use Linux, Max OSX and Windows on a regular basis and using my Mac for flying (thus also compiling the firmware etc).

Thanks for any advice!

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Re: How should I setup my development environment (repositor

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Hi Fucitol

You should consider forking the repository only if you want to contribute by fixing bugs or adding functionnalities, otherwise don't bother there is no need for it ;)

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