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No source available for XXXX

Post by song » Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:07 am

Hello Bitcraze,

I have 2 crazyflie and one of them has problems with file 'crazyflie-firmware' debug.
I'm using now the latest F/W, VM from your github and ST-link(USB). I didn't modify any files in Projects.
I wonder why errors turned up and I wanna know how to fix it.

First, I flash the firmware with the following 3 ways
1) In terminal Emulator: Make clean -> Make all -> Make flash
2) In Eclipse(Project Explorer on the left side of a program)
: Clean Project -> Build Project -> Debug configuration -> Debug
3) In Eclipse(Make Target on the right side of program)
: clean -> Make DEBUG -> Flash using debugger

After these steps, I use the menu "DEBUG" and errors turned up. (You can see attached pictures)
I guess there's a problem on downloading firmware or bootloader something.
Or is there something that I missing? I hope there's some way that I can handle these errors.

Thank you.
이미지 4.png
이미지 2.png
It appeared once.
이미지 1.png
the most frequent(when i click button 'suspend'

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