how to use TIM2

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how to use TIM2

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hello,dear developers,
I want use TIM2_CH4 to generate some PWM output by the expansion connector RX2. But I can't use the code "DECH_USING_TIMER2" in my **deck.c,
maybe something wrong with "Used peripherals"? Can you tell me how to modify the deck_core.h? or ...
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Re: how to use TIM2

Post by arnaud »

The DECK_USE_ defines are intended to be used by a deck driver to declare that a peripheral is used, this allows to check for conflict before initializing the driver. Though it does not mean that the deck subsytem has easy-to-use driver for all these peripheral.

DECK_USE_TIMER2 does not exists because TIM2 is already used to generate the PWM signals to the Crazyflie 2 motors so you cannot use it in a deck driver. On TX2/RX2 you should be able to use TIM5 (hence the existence of DECK_USE_TIMER5).

There is a example of deck using TIM5 to generate pulse train on TX2: ... sterdeck.c.
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