alternative to pmv31xn

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alternative to pmv31xn

Post by Shaunie » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:06 am

Hello to all,

I'm new to this Forum so I hope my question is at the wright place.
I found the schematics from the crazyflie and wanted to experiment a bit with the part of the motors.
I wanted to build the circuit part of the motors and drive it with an arduino uno.
I can't get the pmv31xn Mos Fets but I have the TSM3404 and the TSM2312 but I cant get enough current to
the motor through the circuit. Now my question are the two MOS Fets that i have wrong for this kind of
application or am I doing something else wrong.

Thanks in advance Shaunie

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Re: alternative to pmv31xn

Post by percy.jaiswal » Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:41 pm

Initially when a MOSFET is turning on at its threshold voltage Vgs(th), the current it can supply is directly proportional to Gate voltage you provide it. I just took a quick glance at MOSFET you have mentioned here and I see that PMV31XN turns on at 1.5V, whereas TSM3404 has threshold of 3V. I know Crazyflie is a 3V system, so it might be providing voltage very close to 3V, at which TSM3404 might not be able to handle in-rush and peak current requirements.
Feel free to discuss more if need be.


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