Crazyflie-Crazyflie Communication

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Crazyflie-Crazyflie Communication

Post by A-SH » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:58 pm

I am trying to achieve drone-drone communication using CF2, where CF2 can send commands to each other or simply send/receive "I am alive" messages.

I went through the forums and found several posts where people are asking whether it is doable or not, the answers are all pretty much the same:
the hardware supports it but the functionality is not implemented in the CF2 firmware so you need to implement it yourself.

What advice/pointers would you give me before working on it.
Any feedback/updates from the people who were trying to implement it.
How long would you expect it to take (I understand that the answer depends on many factors but I just want to get a feeling of how challenging the task is from anyone who has more experience with the firmware )

Thanks in advance !

Cheers !

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