Using ZMQ over port 2004

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Using ZMQ over port 2004

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Here is what I have;

Windows 10 VMWare Workstation Host
- Nordic ASA CrazyRadio PA Dongle, I am unsure what my team partner is using.. Same problem..
- Bitcraze_VM_0.8
- Up and running with no issue
- Radio, logitech F310 game pad no issue

C# - Visual Studio 2015
Using the ZeroMQ .Net Library I am able to use the ZMQ server, manually executing
./cfzmq -d -u "tcp://*"
** debug was enabled to try and figure out the problem

By utilizing the well documented json command and reverse engineering the python scripts. My team mate was able to
create some ZMQ C# code to talk to the CraxyFlie ZMQ Server running in the Bitcraze VM.
ports 2000 worked perfectly

ZMQ C# .Net client running in the Windows host against the (NAT).*.*.*.*:2000 etc...
-- After running the cfzmq command etc

When trying to get the 2004 port to work, nothing happened.
* Test Case
Send some low 'thrust' values proving we had control read/write in concept

We checked everything. Even setting an SSH out of the VM to directly interact with the 1212 ports..
Nothing no response.. no error etc..

WORK AROUND - maybe a clue or coincidental
In digging and trying to get some type of message..
I noticed the Enable_Debug_Driver...

After relaunch and such...
The radio address's had multiple debug options.


Now the ZMQ C# running on the host has direct access to flight controls and telemetry, but now the messages are extremely noisy,TMI ... Of course duh, debug mode.

The point here is it works when I enable this setting. Oh using Visual Studio 2015 and running in the debug mode "stepping" thru the code allows you see "0,10000, 0" thrust settings by actual propellers turning etc, otherwise the C# out runs the CrazyFlie... Of course no problem that is next.

ANY IDEAS? Why port 2004 only works, as described, only in debug driver mode...

Thanks for the time...
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