Crazyflie Chrome client

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Crazyflie Chrome client

Post by arnaud »

Hi all,

As a week-end project I have started a Chrome-app client for the Cazyflie. So far it is very experimental but it works. I pushed the code on github:

There is a short description in this week's blog post: ... hrome-app/

The only missing functionality to make it a capable Crazyflie controller is a 'scan' functionality and a GUI (right now it looks very 'raw' ...).

As written in the post I plan to use Angular Material to get easily a nice GUI, also Angular seems to be a good solution to handle GUIs. But I am not a web/frontend developer so do you think it is a good idea?

Depending of the interest this could become a fully functional client with log/param. Also the Chrome API supports Bluetooth low energy on Mac and Chromebook to the client could connect the Crazyflie without Crazyradio in the future.
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Re: Crazyflie Chrome client

Post by Mr.Pe »

No answer?! I think it is a wonderful project and would lower the technology entry barrier for a lot of people. I hope you will push it further.

Angular material looks very neat. I wonder if, for performances, it would make a big difference to use React for this application.

Is your next step to embed V8 on the crazyfly? :P
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Re: Crazyflie Chrome client

Post by phil »

Maybe Ionic is a good choice for the front-end.
It's very mature and can easily be deployed as an Android or iOS app.
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