Thrust Measurements 2.0

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Thrust Measurements 2.0

Post by Slaxx » Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:12 am

As promised I measured the thrust of the Crazyflie Motor + Propeller with kind of a professional equipment.

I used the PX4 ( to send PWM signals to the Motor Controller DRV8850EVM ( and measure the thrust with a force torque sensor ATI Mini40 ( ... ?id=Mini40) with 0.5g resolution. The current is measured using a a current probe and a data acquisition board ( The power comes from a power supply set to 3.7V and can deliver up to 5A ( ... 0-5-a.html).

I had only time to measure the replacement motor with one of the propellers, so it may probably be off a bit.

On the left side of the image you can see the results for the Crazyflie Propeller and on the right side for the Blade Nano Nano QX 3D (ordered here: ... id=9716561).
However I think that my results are far too optimistic for the real system, since already for the measurements of Tobias I don't get enough trust and as already described by other users, the thrust depends massively on the status of the battery.

The results from Tobias can be found here:

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